Balance Hormones and Defend Cravings

Most of us experience food cravings which can be intensified when we are trying to lose weight or achieve our desired physique. Cravings cause us to cheat and even ditch our weight loss plans and fall short of our desired results. 

There can be various reasons for cravings like imbalance of hormones such as Leptin and Serotonin. When a person experiences these imbalances, they are likely to eat unhealthy snacks, sodas or reach for highly processed foods. 

How does Vitamin B6 help to stop these cravings?

Vitamin B6 is the perfect ingredient to add to our daily diet to stop these food cravings and improve metabolic activity. Pyridoxine, or Vitamin B6, is essential for the 200 chemical reactions in our body, and it serves a very important purpose—it stops sugar/carbohydrate cravings. 

Besides stopping cravings, Vitamin B6 also enables our bodies to maintain a healthy immune system. This vitamin allows the body to efficiently metabolize carbohydrates so that the carbs act as a potent energy source rather than getting stored as fat. Great news, right?!

As metabolic activity is regulated, the body begins to metabolize fat as well. Thyroid function is then stimulated so that hormonal production is more balanced. This hormonal balance enables a person to control appetite and hunger. 

Vitamin B6 deficiency causes decreased serotonin levels. It’s known that low serotonin levels are linked with feelings of gloom while increasing the appetite. People who find themselves munching right after meals may be because they have low Vitamin B6 levels causing their appetite to increase. It is usually because they are consuming more than the metabolism can process. By including Vitamin B6 in our diets, serotonin levels can better be regulated, which means that the appetite can be controlled.

This is why we included Vitamin B6 in the Craving Defender. It makes this the perfect solution for your everyday cravings. So who is ready to get their fitness journey on track with Craving Defender