Gymnema Extract is Destroyer of Sugar Cravings

Each ingredient in our Craving Defender serves a specific purpose. Gymnema Extract is an amazing part of our formula designed to help defend those crazy sugar cravings.

The Ayurvedic System (an ancient medical system in India) has used plants for thousands of years. One such plant native to India called Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in holistic medicine for sugar balance. This plant name literally translates to “sugar destroyer” and why we included it in Craving Defender.

Gymnema Sylvestre is referred to as Gurmar in the Ayurvedic System, the gymnemic acid present in the leaves of the plant may contain anti-diabetic properties. Moreover, the active component gymnemic acid also has anti-obesity properties and may help in the reduction of body weight by inhibiting the absorption of glucose.

The active component of Gymnema may also help subdue the sweetness. The sugar receptors present on the taste buds are blocked by the gymnemic acid when it is consumed before any beverage or sugary food. Therefore, the ability of the tongue to taste sweetness reduces, and consequently, the appeal of sweet food decreases.

In a study conducted on fasted individuals, Gymnema extract was given to half of the participants. The results showed that appetite for sweet foods was less in individuals who received the supplement containing Gymnema extract at a subsequent meal. Therefore, their meal intake was limited by them when compared to the participants who did not receive the supplement. The reason how gymnemic acid curbs the cravings for sugar lies in its structural similarity to the glucose molecules. This anti-sweetness property of the gymnemic acid antagonizes the receptors of taste buds and temporarily suppresses the perception of sweet taste by the tongue. 

Defending your sugar cravings will help you get back on track and reach your weight loss goals.

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